Punjab Healthcare Commission Jobs April 2024

PHC Punjab Healthcare Commission Jobs April 2024

The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) is a regulatory entity that was founded in the province of Punjab in Pakistan with the purpose of enhancing the quality of healthcare services and ensuring the safety of patients. In accordance with the Punjab Healthcare Commission Act of 2010, the commission is tasked with the responsibility of regulating and standardising healthcare services that are offered by both the public and commercial sectors.

Among the most important goals of the Punjab Healthcare Commission are the following:

Obtaining a Licence and Accreditation: The Public Health Commission is in charge of granting licences to healthcare establishments, including as hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, and pharmacies, to guarantee that these establishments satisfy the quality criteria that have been established. The establishments that are able to demonstrate that they are in accordance with these requirements are awarded accreditation.

The commission is responsible for developing and enforcing standards for the delivery of healthcare services, clinical governance, infection control, patient safety, and medical ethics. One of its responsibilities is quality assurance. Inspections and assessments are carried out in order to monitor conformity with these requirements, and remedial action is taken in cases where it is deemed required.

The PHC provides a place for patients and the general public to make complaints against healthcare providers regarding service quality, malpractice, negligence, or any other concern. Complaints can be lodged in a variety of ways. For the purpose of addressing grievances and ensuring accountability, it conducts investigations of complaints in an impartial manner and takes appropriate action.

Building Capacity: The commission is responsible for organising training programmes, workshops, and seminars for healthcare professionals in order to improve their knowledge and abilities in a variety of domains, including clinical practice, patient care, infection control, and healthcare administration.

Awareness of the Public: The Public Health Centre (PHC) is responsible for educating the general public about their rights and obligations in relation to healthcare services, as well as the legislation and standards that govern the healthcare industry. It spreads information through a variety of media in order to achieve the goals of increasing awareness and promoting openness.

Advocacy and Collaboration: In order to advocate for improvements in healthcare service and policy development, the commission works together with various stakeholders, including government agencies, professional associations, civil society organisations, and other organisations. By actively participating in efforts aimed at advancing public health goals and enhancing the healthcare system, it contributes to the advancement of these goals.

As a whole, the Punjab treatment Commission is an organisation that plays a significant part in protecting the interests of patients, enhancing the quality of treatment, and fostering a culture of excellence and accountability within the healthcare sector in Punjab, Pakistan. The objective of the commission is to ensure that all citizens of the province have access to healthcare services that are not only effective but also safe and ethical. This will be accomplished through the regulatory functions and projects that it undertakes.

PHC Punjab Healthcare Commission Jobs April 2024


  • Carefully read the job information in the picture.
  • Only apply if your skills and experience meet what the job needs.
  • People who meet the job standards will be considered.
  • Candidates who have been chosen will only be called in for a test or interview.
  • Applications that are irrelevant or incomplete will not be considered.
  • Send in your application before the due date.
  • Applications sent after the due date will not be looked at.

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