General Science Quiz 07

General Science Quiz 07

Our online General Science Quiz is the perfect tool for aspirants preparing for competitive exams such as SPSC, FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, NTS, OTS, STS, and others. This comprehensive quiz covers a wide range of essential topics in general science, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, and Everyday Science, ensuring extensive subject matter coverage. Tailored to match the varying difficulty levels of different exams, the quiz features questions that range from basic concepts to advanced topics, offering a real exam simulation with time-bound quizzes and multiple-choice questions.

Participants receive instant feedback with detailed explanations for each answer, aiding in understanding and retention of concepts. The quiz also includes progress tracking, allowing users to monitor their performance over time and identify areas that need improvement. Designed to be mobile-friendly, the quiz can be accessed anytime and anywhere on smartphones, tablets, or computers, making it convenient for study sessions on the go.

Regular practice with our quiz helps build confidence, reduce exam anxiety, and enhance time management skills—crucial factors for success in competitive exams. The detailed performance analytics help users focus on weak areas and stay updated with the latest trends and types of questions being asked. This tool is ideal for aspiring candidates, students looking to strengthen their general science knowledge, and individuals aiming to stay current with scientific developments.

After completing the quiz, they can review their answers and performance to adjust their study plan accordingly.

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General Science Quiz 07

  • This is a free online test/quiz. You do not have to pay anything for this.
  • Quiz contains only Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Quiz passing percentage is 50%.
  • You can restart the quiz again after the quiz is over every time.
  • Good Luck!.

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Category: General Science

1. Animal which captures and readily kills living animals for its food is called___________?

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Category: General Science

2. German Silver is an alloy of___________?

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Category: General Science

3. Quartz crystal in quartz watches works on the principle called?

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Category: General Science

4. Sedimentary rocks are__________?

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Category: General Science

5. A lactometer is a type of Hydrometer which is used to measure the specific gravity of _________?

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Category: General Science

6. A moderator is used in nuclear reactor in order to ?

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Category: General Science

7. Name the famous book of Ibn-Sina in which he discussed human physiology and medicine ?

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Category: General Science

8. Ozone layer prevents ______________ radiation from entering the atmosphere?

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Category: General Science

9. Oasis is associated with___________?

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Category: General Science

10. In a fission nuclear reaction, a heavy nucleus breaks up into smaller nuclei whereas in another nuclear reaction, two or more than two possible nuclei are fused to form a heavy nucleus This nuclear reaction is called?

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Category: General Science

11. A six feet tall lady wants to see her full image in a plane mirror . The minimum length of the mirror will be ?

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Category: General Science

12. The phenomenon of Aurora Borealis, the display of red and green lights in northern hemisphere is due to radiations from____________ ?

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Category: General Science

13. The temperature of the dead body is_______________?

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Category: General Science

14. It is possible to recognize a person in the dark by simply hearing his unique voice . It is because of the_______?

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Category: General Science

15. Which one of the following is a non-metallic mineral?

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Category: General Science

16. The principle used in radar is the same as that of Sonar. In radar we use radio waves ; whereas in sonar we use ?

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Category: General Science

17. Yeast is used in making bread because it produces____________?

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Category: General Science

18. In winter an iron pipe feel colder than a wooden window . This is because wood is_______?

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Category: General Science

19. Parsec is a unit of ___________?

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Category: General Science

20. The Continent Antarctica lies at the__________?

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Category: General Science

21. The echo (reflected sounD. will be distinctly heard only at ordinary temperatures if the distance of the reflecting surfaces from the source of sound is at least ________?

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Category: General Science

22. The fruits without seed, like banana, are called_____________?

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Category: General Science

23. When a ray of sunlight enters a dark room , its straight path become visible because of dust particles hanging in the air. It is because light is _________?

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Category: General Science

24. Water is heated in a kettlE. The inside water is heated by convection. A person sitting near the fire receives heat by ________?

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Category: General Science

25. In a railway track, two rails are joined end to end with a gap tin between them because?

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Boost Your Exam Preparation with Our Comprehensive General Science Quiz

Are you gearing up for competitive exams like SPSC, FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, NTS, OTS, STS, and more? Elevate your preparation with our online General Science Quiz, designed specifically to help you succeed.

Why Choose Our General Science Quiz?

Our quiz offers extensive coverage across key areas of general science, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, and Everyday Science. Whether you’re dealing with basic concepts or tackling advanced topics, our quizzes are tailored to match the varying difficulty levels of different exams, giving you the edge you need.

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